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Finland at Peace and War 1918-1993

Tillotson H. M.  Michael Russell  1993


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Der prinz und der bettelknabe

Waly Disney  Parragon  2009

(O51) Micky ist ein armer Bauernjunge. Aber schon immer hat er sich nach einem besseren Leben gesehnt. Als er eines Tages zufällig dem Prinzen seines Heimatlandes begegnet, stellen beide lest, dass sie einander zum Verwechseln ähnlich sehen 

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Les amants de Venise

Maurras Charles  Flammarion  2001

(J32) Au début du XVIe sičcle, le pouvoir de Venise est encore considérable et la position du Doge de la Sérénissime suscite bien des convoitises et bien des jalousies. Un jeune homme, Roland Candiano, fait pourtant trembler la noblesse vén 

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Oxford childrens encyclopedia (Comics to ghana)

Kolektív  Oxford University Press  1991

(F1) The Oxford Childrens Encyclopedia is an original and exciting reference work. Its articles reflect the many interests and needs of children, and give scope for those with enquiring minds to explore fresh and challenging fields of knowl 

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Nagy húsvéti képeskönyv

Tészabó Júlia  Móra Ferenc  1990

(D1) Veľká veľkonočná obrazová kniha. A karácsony mellett a húsvét az az ünnepünk, amelynek az évszázadok során kialakult gazdag szokásvilága nagyon sok ember számára megtöri a hétköznapok egyhangúságát. Az egyházi ünnep rituáléján kívül ha 

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A treasury of favourite tales 2.

Kolektív  Grandreams  1989

(O51) Rozprávky v anglickom jazyku. Sinbad, The three little pings, The ugly duckling, Peter Pan, Jack and the beanstalk, The princess and the Pea, Hansel and Gretel, The Pied Piper of Hamelin. 

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A treasury of favourite tales 1.

Kolektív  Grandreams  1989

(O51) Rozprávky v anglickom jazyku. Gullivers travels, The frog prince, Cinderella, Ali Baba, The emperors new clothes, Rumpelstiltskin, The little tin soldier, Thumbelina. 

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Take these broken wings

Lyn Andrews  Headline  2000

Thrown into the workhouse at the tender age of six, Hannah Peckham soon learns how hard the world is, but she emerges determined to make the most of what little life has given her. But the deprivations of workhouse life have left her ill-pr 

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The Tulip girl

Dickinson Margaret  Pan Books  2000

Abandoned outside an orphange as a newborn baby, spirited Maddie March has had to fight her way through life. So when she finds a home at Few Farm with Frank Brackenbury and his household, she welcomes the chance for a fresh start. Work on  

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Spass im Sattel: Das Pferdehandbuch für junge Reiter

Panzacchi Cornelia  Ars Edition  2007

Freust du dich jedes Mal, wenn du an einer Pferdekoppel vorbeikommst? Stapeln sich in deinem Zimmer diePferdezeitschrifte n und kleben haufenweise Pferdeposter an der Wand? Sammelst du Pferdepostkarten und hast du den Pferdeflüsterer schon  

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Love over Scotland

Smith McCall A.  Abacus  2007

With his characteristic warmth, inventiveness and brilliant wit, Alexander McCall Smith gives us more of the gloriously entertaining comings and goings at 44 Scotland Street, the Edinburgh townhouse. Six-year-old prodigy Bertie perseveres i 

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Black fly season

Blunt Giles  HarperCollins  2014

The third atmospheric psychological thriller featuring detectives Cardinal and Delorme, from the award-winning author of FORTY WORDS FOR SORROW. 

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Vets might fly

Herriot James  Pan Books  2006

A few months of married bliss, a lovers nest in Darrowby and the wonders of home cooking are rudely interrupted for James Herriot by the Second World War. James Herriots fifth volume of memoirs relocates him to a training camp somewhere in  

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Vet in harness

Herriot James  Pan Books  2006

The Yorkshire dales have never seemed more beautiful for James - now he has a lovely wife by his side, a partners plate on the gate and the usual menagerie of farm animals, pets and owners demanding his constant attention and teaching him a 

Cena: 3.00 EUR     Skladom
Vet in a spin

Herriot James  Pan Books  2006

James Herriots sixth volume of unforgettable memoirs sees him dreaming of the day when he can rejoin his wife Helen, little son Jimmy, veterinary partner Siegfried, the eternal student Tristan - and all the old Darrowby crows, both two-legg 

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Book of British Villages

Kolektív  WW Norton  2007

A Guide to Seven Hundred of the Most Interesting and Attractive Villages in Britain. 

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Three men in a Boat

Jerome Klapka Jerome  Penguin Books  1994

Three Men in a Boat is a humorous book that will make you laugh while it gives you a view of Victorian England and the Thames... 

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Tennis for dummies

McEnroe Patrick  Wiley publishing  1998

(C1) Whether you re an adult looking for a new challenge or a parent starting your kids off, Tennis For Dummies provides a terrific introduction to the sport. It doesn t matter if you re young or old, if you who want to start playing the ga 

Cena: 8.00 EUR     Skladom
The tennis drill book

Hoskins Tina  Human Kinetics  2003

(C1) The Tennis Drill Book covers every aspect of the game, with the best drills for groundstrokes, volleys, serves, returns, singles and doubles play, offensive and defensive strategy, and conditioning. More than 260 drills and games to ac 

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The Annotated Jules Verne: From the Earth to the Moon

Miller Walter James  Gramercy  1995

With illustrations from the original 1865 French edition. In the 1960s Walter James Miller discovered that the conventional translations of Vernes novels omitted at least 20% of the stories, and made in addition many textual and factual blu 

Cena: 8.00 EUR     Skladom
Tobendes Meer

MacLean Alistair  1988


Cena: 2.00 EUR     Skladom
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